1-06H Box Alarm
January 1, 2017

At 02:51hrs Engine Companies 1,7,9,5, Truck Companies 1,7, and Rescue Squad 5 were alerted to the 41000 block of Challedon Way in Leonards Grant.

While units were responding communications advised, Chief 1, and Engine 10 that they had received one call, and the caller advised the house was well off. Chief 1 arrived on location finding a 2 story residential structure with heavy fire from both divisions. Engine 10 arrived on location and established their own water supply at Pensive St and N Montague Dr. Engine 10’s OIC completed a 360, and reported 2 stories in the rear, with a walk up basement. Engine 10 and the OIC deployed two 1 ¾ handlines to side alpha where they began a fire attack on division 1. Captain 1B held the Division 1 group supervisor.

Engine 72 arrived second, securing their own water supply as well. Engine 72’s crew deployed and 1 ¾ handline to division 2. Chief 7B held the Division 2 group supervisor.

Truck 1 arrived, and took over the first due Truck Company operations, placing ladders, and lighting around the fire ground. Truck 1s crew also conducted a primary search on Division 1. Command advised Truck 1s driver to set up for ladder pipe operations. Crews, were backed out of the structure and the ladder pipe was placed in service for 2-3 minutes, to knock down the bulk of the fire. Once, the bulk of the fire was knocked crews began a transition attack, and continued with their assignments.

Engine 11 was the 3rd arriving Engine Company, and split laid from Challedon Wy and Watervale Dr. Engine 91 completed the split lay. Engine 11 secured the 3rd due water source on side Charlie, and assisted with fire attack. Units operated for several hours on this incident.

Photo courtesy HVFD7.com

Units: Engine 10, Engine 11, Truck 1, Squad 1, Chief 1
Mutual Aid: Engine 72, Engine 91, Engine 52, Truck 7, Squad 5, EMS 19
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