Early Morning Extrication In The 1-07 Box
By Leonardtown Volunteers
December 3, 2017

At 0152 hours on Sunday December 3rd Company 1, Squad 5, EMS companies 19, 59 and the Medic Unit were dispatched to Bayside Rd. in the area of Bluegrass Ln. for a report of a vehicle into a tree with one occupant unconscious. Squad 1 responded with 6 personnel shortly after dispatch. Reports while en route were that there was one person confirmed to be trapped and unconscious. With a member of Company 1 on the scene confirming the same a helicopter was requested priority 1 category alpha. Squad 1 arrived to find a single vehicle into a tree. Engine 11 arrived shortly after with Chief 1A establishing the command. Squad 1's Officer was assigned the Rescue Group Supervisor. Squad 1 went to work to free the trapped patient by spreading the door jamb and rolling the dash to free the patients legs. Squad 5 arrived moments later to assist. It took crews approximately 8 minutes to free the patient. The patient was turned over to awaiting EMS. Engine 11 handled the landing zone for MSP Trooper 7 which landed in a field adjacent from the accident scene. Units wrapped up and returned to service, Squad 1 remained on the scene for a period of time to provide lighting for the Sheriffs Office to complete crash reconstruction. Good work to all crews and our prayers are with the individuals involved.

Units: Squad 1, Engine 11
Mutual Aid: Squad 5, Amb. 197, 597, 598, Medic 1, Trooper 7