First Due Breton Bay House Fire
By Fire Chief Chris Bell
January 10, 2021

At 0640 hours, Engine 1 and Truck 1 were alerted to Phillips Lane Breton Bay for the reported house on fire. Engine 11 (5 personal), Truck 1(4 personal), Tanker 14 (4 personal), and Chief 1 responded shortly after dispatched. Chief 1 arrived on location finding a 2-story single family house with fire showing from the entire house. Engine 11 arrived, laying a supply line into the scene and advanced an attack line to the structure. Due to the amount of fire Engine 11 placed its master stream in service, with a quick blitz attach before transitioning to handline operations. Truck 1 arrived on location, placing their aerial device in service, and setting up for ladder pipe operations once a water supply was established. Once, the majority of the fire was knocked crews were able to transition into the structure, knocking any remaining visible fire. Chief 1A assisted for fire attack, and assigning crews to certain areas of the structure. Tanker 14 arrived on location assisting with establishing a continuous water supply using a folding tank operation. Tanker 14 shuttled 14,000 gallons of water to the fire ground. Boat 5 was added to the call as an additional water supply due to the close proximity to the water. Boat 5 then become the primary water supply unit, as the tankers became the secondary water supply. A total of 6 Tankers shuttled approximately 50,000 gallons of water to the fire ground. The home owner was accounted for with no injuries. Chief 1 held the Breton Bay command. Company 1 units operated on the scene for approximately 5 hours. The Maryland State Fire Marshalls Office is conducted an investigation on how the fire may have started.

Units: Engine 11, Truck 1, Tanker 1, Chief 1, Chief 1A
Mutual Aid: Companies 7,5,9,2,3,6,19, and 79