First Due barn Fire
By Fire Chief Chris Bell
March 7, 2021

At 0515pm hours Station 1, and numerous Departments around St. Mary’s County were alerted for a large barn fire 41000 block of Cryer Ct in Leonardtown. Chief 1, Engine 11 (4 personnel), Truck 1 (4 personnel), tanker 14 (3 personnel), and Brush 1 (2 personnel) all made the response. While responding a large smoke column was identified by Chief 1, in which he requested the tanker task force due to the non-hydrant response area. Chief 1 arrived on location finding a 50x100 barn with over 400 bails of hay, and numerous pieces of farm equipment with fire consuming 100% of the structure. Chief 1 notified all incoming units, that the attack method would be in the defense mode. Chief 1, then assigned Chief 7B as the water supply supervisor, and a folding tank operation would suffice for Tanker shuttles. Engine 11 arrived on location laying a supply line into the fire scene, and beginning in the defense fire attack mode. Chief 1A was assigned as the fire attack supervisor. Truck 1 arrived on location assisting Engine 11 with fire attack, removing medal tin, and debris from the structure. Truck 1 also conducted master stream aerial operations. Tanker 14 arrived on location sending their crew to the scene. Tanker 14 then dropped their folding tanking at the dump site, and began shuttling water to the fire ground. Tanker 14 shuttled approximately 10,000 gallons of water. Brush 1 was added as an additional unit to extinguish small brush fires around the fire scene. Chief 1 identified a draft site at Maryland rock, which would be the primary water supply point for the duration of the incident. A secondary water supply point would be identified at a hydrant in a local sub division roughly 4 miles from the fire scene. Chief 1 held the Leonardtown command. The Maryland State Fire Marshalls office is currently conducting an investigation on how the fire started. No injuries reported.