Truck and Tanker to Auto with Extension to a Detached Garage
By Fire Chief Chris Bell
March 11, 2021

At 0420am hours Truck 1 (4 personnel/ chief 1), Tanker 14 (3 personnel/Chief 1A), and Chief 1B responded to 24000 block of Budds Creek Rd in Company 5s first due response area for a reported auto on fire with extension to a structure. Captain 5 and Chief 1B arrived on location finding an auto on fire with extension to the delta side of a detached garage. Tanker 14 arrived on location laying a supply line into the fire scene, while the crew deployed an attack line in the offensive mode. Tanker 14s crew knocked the fire on the delta side of the detached garage, and then proceeded to extinguish the auto fire. Truck 1 arrived on location assisting with fire attack, and opening up the delta wall on the structure. Truck 1s crew also assisted with opening up for Engine 52 on the interior of the structure to extinguish the remaining fire. Truck 1, provided ground ladders, and multiple lights around the fire ground. Chief 1B held the Budds Creek Rd command, while Chief 5 operated as the fire attack supervisor. No injuries were reported. Maryland State Fire Marshalls officer is conducting an investigation.

Units: Truck 1, Tanker 1