First Due Truck Box Alarm 2-23H
April 11, 2022

Box Alarm (2-23H)
26000 block Sycamore Dr, Wicomico Shores
Truck 1

At 11:30 hours Truck 1 (6 personnel) responded and operated in the 26000 block of Sycamore Dr in Wicomico Shores for the reported house on fire. While units were responding St. Mary’s communications advised they were receiving multiple calls. Chief 2B and Engine 23 arrived finding a 1 story single family home with fire throughout the structure. Truck 1 arrived on location conducting a primary search of the home with negative results. The crew was also tasked with ladders, fire attack, opening up for the engine companies, and assisting with overhaul. Truck 1 was also able to set up multiple lights around the scene. No injuries were reported. Chief 2B held the Wicomico Shores command.