**First Due House Fire**
December 4, 2022

Today at 12:36 pm Leonardtown and surrounding companies were dispatched to 43175 North Megan Ln for the house on fire with possible people trapped. While responding Chief 1 requested a tanker task force due to the location being a water supply challenge and receiving multiple calls. Engine 10, Truck 1, and Tanker 14 responded with 14 personnel. Chief 1 arrived on scene with a 2 story split level home with smoke and fire showing from the rear and all occupants had evacuated the structure. Chief 1 notified units responding that this would be a well advanced basement fire. EMS began patient care on one of the homeowners due to some significant burns. Engine 10 arrived on scene and laid out from the split in the drive way and then proceeded up to the house. They stretched the 400’ attack line to the rear basement entrance and began an aggressive attack. Truck 1 arrived on scene and met up with the Engine and began opening up. Tanker 14 arrived on scene and began shuttling water to the scene after its personnel made their way to the scene. Tanker 14’s crew assisted with securing the landing site for Trooper 7 and assisted with extensive overhaul. Trooper 7 flew the burned occupant to Washington Hospital Center burns center. Two firefighters were transported to St Mary’s Hospital with minor injuries. After extensive overhaul all companies returned to service on the main. Chief 1 held the command.

Units: Chief 1, Engine 10, Truck 1, Tanker 14, Utility 1
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