First Due House Fire
By Fire Chief Chris Bell
March 9, 2023

At 05:53am hours Engine 11 was clearing a medic local in the Loveville area, when they were notified of a house fire in the 24490 block of Pin Cushion Rd. Engine 11 (4 personnel) laid a 4” supply line into the scene finding a one-story single-family home with nothing evident. A 1 ¾ handline was deployed while the office completed a 360, finding nothing evident from the rear on a crawlspace. Truck 1 arrived on the scene assisting Engine 11. Units found a fire in a closet and extinguishing the same. Command was established by safety 1 and advised to operate with Engine 11 and Truck 1 only. Company 1 units continued opening while checking for extension. Company 1 units operated for roughly one hour before returning to service.

Units: Engine 11, Truck 1, Safety 1